Miami April 22nd & April 23rd 2017

The Beer & Wine Paella Festival is an event meant to expose and immerse the city of Miami to the flavor and culture of Spain. Focused on the famous dish from the region of Valencia, the festival will showcase food, spirits, live music, and many vendors from around the Miami Dade Area. Most notably, the festival will also host Master Chef Miguel Angel Rebolledo undertaking the cooking of the largest paella ever made in the United States.

  • Pop-up Omni Park 1234 North Miami Ave. Miami, fl 33136
  • Miami April 22nd & April 23rd 2017 Every 365 days (once a year)
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  • Live Music - Djs - Dancers & more Live music, dance and one of the largest paellas ever made in the United States

Festival's Fun Elements

The festival will come alive with a variety of music and dancing, including a life band, fun and entertainment mainly infused with a taste of the Spanish culture and style. Attendees will enjoy Flamenco dancer performances, a trendy Spanish “Hora Loca.”, freestyle soccer performers, and much more.

In addition, guests can witness a live paella making contest featuring chefs from across the Miami-Dade area competing to create the best “Miami-Style Paella” and win the people’s heart with the “People’s choice Paella”. As well as being able to see as Chef Miguel Angel Rebulledo undertakes his cooking of the Largest Paella made in the United States.

Two days event

April 22nd & April 23rd 2017

Event Location

Pop-up Omni Park, 1234 North Miami Ave. Miami, fl 33136

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At the Pop-up Omni Park


The festival will take place Pop-up Omni Park. This new park is situated along a major transit area, highly accessible to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It is conveniently located between major interstates, I-95 and I-395. It is also in front of the Arsht Center and only two blocks away from the Centro Cultural Spaniel.


The event will take place on Saturday April, 22nd and Sunday April, 23rd.

Saturday Hours: 12pm-12am

Sunday Hours: 1pm-11pm